Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun on the Roof

We recently borrowed a very large extension ladder and one of the first jobs on our list was to do some minor roof work. Some caulk work needed to be done around the flashing on the dormer windows but we decided to also take a look at everything else while we were up there since this roof has recently gone through some very rough storms.

Here is the flashing on one of the chimneys. We will eventually need to work on this before it starts leaking.

The flashing on this chimney is less than a year old and is in good shape.

This vent's flashing will need some work as well.

Here are a couple of other views from our roof top.

What do you think, does our roof look like it is in good shape or should we be saving up time, energy, and money to replace it soon?


Dessert Survivor said...

If it does not leak, leave it alone.

Anonymous said...

Having replaced a roof two years ago, I would say that yours looks a little worn but still good. Asphalt shingle roofs last about 20 years, give or take a few. Any chance that you might know the age of the roof?

The discoloration around the plumbing flashing looks completely normal.

There is one missing shingle in the pictures that are displayed; is there a second layer of shingles or is this it?


Shaylee Moore said...

You don't have to replace it, you know. A repair may be all that it needs. I see a missing shingle there, and it would do you good to paint it white too!

Max Boughner said...

Yeah, I have to agree with Shaylee. Your roof is still in good shape. You just need to do a little repair and mending, and everything’s good to go. That way, you’ll be able to spend less than the money needed for a roof replacement.

Noreen Mayweather said...

You have a good point, Max. Your roof does not look like it needs to be replaced. It would help if you would do a little inspection yourself. If I’m not mistaken, you have an asphalt roof, and you can do your own personal check up yourself. You could check if each shingle is already loose. It would show if the edges are already curling. This may be an indicator of minor roof damage, which should be resolved immediately to prevent further damage. Good luck!

Noreen Mayweather

Norbert Floth said...

Your roof is actually looking pretty good! At least you know it holds up, even in some awful rough weather! It’s a good thing you thought to look up there, so now you know that your roof is in tip-top shape!

Mary said...

By the looks of it, your roof is in dire need of a replacement, though a couple of repairs would probably help extend the life of your roof a bit longer. The inspection you did was very timely. At least you were able to see the condition of your roof and decide on what must be done. Anyway, you should do your repairs at the soonest possible time to prevent further damage.

-Mary Martin

Sophia James said...

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